Useful tips for Georgia-Armenia cross border rental

Car rental can be a great choice if you decide to combine 2 beautiful countries in Caucasus - Armenia and Georgia in 1 trip. These two countries have lots of similarities but at the same time are so different and the combination tour has become more and more popular recently. Georgia and Armenia have open land borders, and it takes around 4 hours to drive from Tbilisi to Yerevan with so many beautiful sights to see on the road. At Enterprise Rent-A-Car, you can rent your car in Georgia and cross the border with Armenia without any hassle. In this article we will share some useful information and tips for those who want to explore the Caucasus region by car.

Rent a car In Georgia and cross border of Armenia

Cross-border rental with Enterprise

So if you travel to Georgia but you plan to also visit Armenia during your trip, you can simply add a cross border rental to your booking. When making a reservation online through our website you will see the option of adding a cross border on the 3rd step when you have to choose any additional services to be added to your booking. Cross border option comes with an additional one time fee of 42.5 USD per rental.

By paying this, you will get all necessary authorization papers to cross the borders without any issues. It is very important to note that the cross border option shall be communicated in advance, so if you have booked your car using other options (by calling us, or through other channels) you need to make sure we are well informed about your plans to visit Armenia during your trip to make all necessary documents ready for you at the counter before you pick up the car.

When at the border, you need to show the authorization papers you received from us along with your rental agreement. 

Important to note

When adding a cross border to your rental, your insurance coverage is being activated also for the territory of Armenia. However you need to purchase a TPL (Third Party Liability) insurance additionally. This is available once you cross the border. Just 100 meters from the border you will see kiosks of different insurance companies. You need to visit one of those and purchase the mandatory TPL insurance to be allowed to drive in Armenia. If you do not do that, you may be fined by police. The fee of the TPL package for a week may cost you around 8 USD. This fee may change depending on the time you want to spend in Armenia. 

Same process works for crossing the border from Armenia to Georgia. But in this case you can purchase your mandatory TPL insurance only by visiting

Rent a car In Georgia and cross border of Armenia

One-way rental with Enterprise

A one-way car rental is a great option for those whose arrival and departure airports are different. So if you land in Tbilisi and plan to depart from Yerevan, you can simply rent with Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Tbilisi (Airport or city location) and leave your car in Yerevan (Airport or city location). You can book a one way rental through the website simply choosing a different drop off location.

The rate you see will include the “one way rental” fee and insurance coverage in Armenia (or Georgia). You will not need to pay any additional fee for cross border authorization papers as stated above in this article (see Cross-border rental with Enterprise). However, you still need to follow the instructions mentioned above to purchase your mandatory TPL insurance at the border (or online in case of Georgia). With One way rental option, you do not have to worry about returning to the starting point of your trip and thus will let you control your timing and route as you wish. 

At Enterprise Rent-A-Car, we care about the comfort and safety of our clients and we have 24/7 emergency support for all our customers on the road in Armenia and Georgia. So whether you plan to spend a few days in Armenia or you decide to depart home from Armenia without returning back to Georgia, we have you covered during your whole trip should you need any assistance on the road. 

Rent a car with Enterprise and enjoy your trip to Caucasus region in comfort and peace of mind!  


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Useful tips for Georgia-Armenia cross border rental

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