Traveling to Georgia during Covid-19: February 2021 updates

The Covid-19 Pandemic had strongly affected the global tourism industry. Most countries have closed their borders for international travel and have come up with strategies and restrictions to decrease the numbers of infected people. Georgia was not left away from this and 2020 was toughest year for Georgian tourism sector.

From the beginning of 2021 many countries launched their vaccination program, which gave good hope that tourism will be back to normal again.  People start to plan their next holidays for the upcoming travel season and it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

Georgia during the Pandemic

However, not all restrictions are eased in many countries. Today we will talk about Georgia and the up-to-date details, as of February 2021, that the travelers should keep in mind while traveling to Georgia. 

How can I travel to Georgia during the Pandemic?

Citizens of all countries arriving in Georgia by air must provide a document confirming the full vaccination of the Covid-19 to travel to Georgia. 

Foreigners traveling from the countries mentioned in the list provided by the Georgian MFA website have special regulations to follow if they haven't taken the full circle of vaccination. 

The list of the countries:

European Union Members, Israel, Switzerland, Norway, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Turkey. 

Mandatory regulations:

  1. Travelers must arrive at the airport directly from the countries mentioned in the list. Keep in mind that only air borders are open. Land borders are yet closed for border transfers. 
  2. A Covid-19 PCR negative test must be provided at the border. The test must be made within 72 hours before the arrival
  3. Another PCR test must be made already in Georgia on the third day of their stay. 
  4. All the foreigners should fill in an application form providing the details of their travel history for the last two weeks. 
  5. Anyone who has traveled to the UK within the last two weeks must take a mandatory quarantine. With this, the requirement for a Covid-19 negative test and the PCR test on the third day of their stay will be dismissed. 

As the regulations are being updated regularly, please make sure you follow the official Governments information to avoid any issues when traveling to Georgia. 

What are the safety regulations while traveling to Georgia?

When arriving at Tbilisi International Airport, all passengers will be checked for their body temperatures. In case of any suspicious results, they will be taken to health units for proper examination. 

Social distancing is one of the priorities around the world nowadays, and it is applicable in Georgia as well. Always make sure to keep your safe physical distance from other people and follow instructions when entering any public place.

Wearing masks is still mandatory in Georgia. People who don't wear masks outdoors and in public places like shops, malls, etc., will be charged for violation of safety regulations. 


If you feel like you have the symptoms of the Coronavirus while traveling to Georgia, make sure to contact health authorities and let them know about your symptoms. The hotline for the Ministry of Health of Georgia is 1505. For more questions you can check the website of prevention the coronavirus spread in Georgia 

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Traveling to Georgia during Covid-19: February 2021 updates

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