Travel in Georgia safely during the Covid-19    

The last few years have been difficult for the travel industry, considering the worldwide Pandemic and its restrictions. The lockdowns all around the world have made people stay in their countries and temporarily forget about traveling. But in the last year traveling has become available in many countries, so many people have started to rebook their trips and plan their journeys to foreign countries. Georgia was one of the countries to open its borders for travelers. However, there were several rules to follow when entering the country in 2021. Let's see what are those rules, what other restrictions Georgia has set for travelers, and what is the best way to travel safely in Georgia during the Covid-19. 

Covid-19 safety regulations in Georgia.

When you plan on traveling to Georgia, it is best to check the official websites of the government to find out what is the most up-to-date information on Covid regulations. The safest sources to trust on websites are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Ministry of Health, StopCov. So what are the most common restrictions every foreigner should follow when entering Georgia?

Entry regulations

  • When you enter Georgia by air, you need to provide a negative PCR test result of at least three days prior to the arrival to Georgia, if not vaccinated. And when you cross the Georgian border by land, you should repeat the PCR test after three days you enter the country.
  • If you are vaccinated, you need to provide a vaccination certification showing the two dosages of the shots. Taking a test won’t be necessary if you provide the certificate of your vaccination when entering Georgia by air. In case of land border crossing, you will also need to provide a negative PCR test taken at least three days before your border crossing.
  • In case of receiving a Covid 19 positive test result during your trip or getting the symptoms, self-isolate for 14 days.

Travel in Georgia safely during Covid-19

Getting around Georgia

The beautiful places and travel destinations of Georgia will leave everyone speechless. However, you should not forget about the pandemic and its causes.  Whether you are enjoying your walk in the center of Tbilisi or planning to visit the regions of Georgia, always make sure to have your face mask on when in public. Maintaining social distance in crowded places can also prevent you from getting the disease. So be cautious and think about your health while you enjoy the beautiful travel destinations of Georgia. Museums and other travel destinations are open in Georgia. You can experience traditional shows at restaurants in the evenings, and take the cable car to enjoy the panoramic views of evening Tbilisi. Just be certain that you are keeping all the safety measurements and not risking your health while traveling to Georgia. 

It is safer to travel with fewer people 

It is difficult to accept that traveling alone or with a small group of people is not as fun and engaging as with a big group. However, it is the safest option when you decide to travel to another country when Covid-19 is around. Nowadays, it is advisable to avoid big group trips as you make the chances of getting the disease to a minimum. Less interaction with people, maintaining social distance, and not visiting crowded places are the most reliable ways to enjoy your trip and be on the safe side. Wearing a face mask in public places and outside can also help you avoid any inconvenience while enjoying your trip to Georgia. Georgia has astounding places to visit while you are in the country. Even though fewer foreigners are traveling there, locals still explore their country. So weekends can be crowded in many destinations. Make sure to maintain your distance when you are in a public place, and always have a hand sanitizer with you. 

Rent a car when you travel in Georgia

Either you want to explore the country and visit various travel destinations, or you are in Georgia for business and stay in the capital for a few days, renting a car in Tbilisi for transportation can be the best choice during Covid-19. When you have your car with you, there is no need to worry about public transportations, taking taxis, or using tour buses to visit the places you want. This way, you will be safe and interact with fewer people. Enterprise-Rent-A-Car Georgia offers a wide variety of cars for you to rent and enjoy your rides in Georgia. You can be sure that the car you choose for your time in Georgia will be properly sanitized before being handed to you. Safety regulations are always kept in the offices of Enterprise-Rent-A-Car Georgia so that you can relax and enjoy your trip. 

Following the safety measures and staying accountable for your well-being and the health of people around you is the most helpful thing to do during the Pandemic. However, you can still enjoy your vacation and journey in Georgia. Just make sure to follow the safety regulations and be careful. The amazing and breathtaking destinations of Georgia are waiting for your explorations. 


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Travel in Georgia safely during the Covid-19    

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