Tourism in Georgia

Georgia hosts tourists round the year. Lovely historical places, delicious cuisine, and wine and amazing nature make this country attractive to tourists. 
Georgia tourism statistics show that only in 2018 more than eight million international, non-resident travelers came to Georgia and 66.7% of international visitors were only tourists.  

Why you should visit Georgia?

Here are just a few reasons why you should spend your summer in Georgia. Rent a car via Enterprise Rent-A-Car and travel as much as you want. Food, traveling, accommodations are not expensive. It is beautiful and diverse. You can start your holiday in the mountains and finish it enjoying a sunbath on the Black Sea beach. It has traditions and centuries-old history.  Let us remind you about wine tourism in Georgia. It is perfect for those who like to enjoy peaceful evenings in cozy cities and try new tasty wines. 


Now follow our list and try to make your holiday in Georgia fantastic.


Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia – a very beautiful, historic and modern city. It is one of the must-see places in Georgia. 


Kakheti region is well known for its wine destinations and historical monuments. The easiest way to explore this region is to drive your own car.


Khevsureti is another amazingly beautiful mountainous region in Georgia. Majestic mountains, wild rivers, fresh air will bring you there again and again. Due to its mountainous are Kvevsureti is not accessible all year long. Pass to the region usually gets blocked by snow already in October and opens again in May. While traveling in Khevsureti do not miss village-fortress Shatili.


Tusheti is a remote region, so you need to take a car to drive there. But its nature and locals’ hospitality will give you incredible memories about Georgia.



Svaneti is a wild and mysterious region offering an unusual holiday. It is a land of towers, snow, and hiking.

Black sea coastal Batumi, Kobuleti and the nearest places are perfect for summer vacation. Explore Adjara's beauties and delicious cuisine. 

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Tourism in Georgia

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