Things to do in Batumi during summer

The capital of Adjara, Batumi is the seaside resort of Georgia, being its second-largest city with a population of over 155.000 people, where a huge number of travelers visit each year. This active city, situated on the shore of the Black Sea, has a ton to bring to the table. Because of its warm climate, great infrastructure, and wide scope of activities, Batumi is an extraordinary choice for seaside travel purposes. There are so many interesting and entertaining things you can do in Batumi during summer to have unforgettable memories from your trip.

Take a walk around the old town

The streets in Batumi, particularly the old part of the city, are lovely and enchanting. While strolling around the old town, remember to take your camera with you, there are without a doubt numerous things you can take pictures of. The architecture of the Old town will remind you of Italy. The center of the old town is called Piazza, where you can appreciate the wonderful buildings, have some espresso at the open bistros, or meander around the shops.


Ride a bicycle at a Batumi Boulevard

The boulevard extends along the shore of the Black Sea allowing you to enjoy the sea views and breathe fresh air. It is quite possibly the most loved spot for local people as there are such countless things to see here. There are numerous bars, restaurants, cafés, hotels, and parks where you can spend your mornings and nights appreciating the stunning dawns and nightfalls of the Black sea. Bicycles are everywhere around Batumi, so it is not difficult to track down one and ride your way through this astonishing coastline city.

Visit Batumi Botanical Garden

On account of the good climate here, it is not difficult to produce a wide range of plants. The Botanical Garden in Batumi has broad types of different plants from around the globe including over 2000 plants 104 of which are of Caucasian origin. The garden includes different zones for each floristic section containing East Asia, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, South America, the Mediterranean and so much more.

Walking around the Botanical Garden even for a couple of hours isn't sufficient to see the whole garden and appreciate each part of it. The excellent and beautiful plants and flowers are everywhere in the garden, letting you forget the bustling streets of Batumi.


Take the cable car for panoramic views

The Argo Cable Car will take you to the most excellent place in the city where the most beautiful panoramic views can be seen. It takes you 15 minutes to get to the most remarkable point, and the most pleasant scene is at your view. Taking the cable car is best before dusk so you can see the sun setting down on the infinite movements of the waves of the Black Sea. The whole picture from there includes the horizon of the city, a glorious view of the Ajara hills, and the hypnotizing waves of the Black Sea.

Enjoy your experience on the beach of the Black Sea

The lovely beaches along the shore allow you to relax and make the most of your trip to Batumi. You may discover numerous deckchairs here, so renting one and making the most of your day can be an astonishing choice for a relaxing day.


The beaches in Batumi have a great variety. You can find beaches with pebbles, sandy beaches, and rocky beaches. So there’s a type for any taste. If you are into crowded beaches, with many bars and cafes Batumi and the surrounding towns like Kobuleti or Sarpi are your best choices. However, you can also look for quiet and less crowded places like Makhinjauri, which is only 10 km away from Batumi. Wherever you are, get a glass of cocktail from the closest bar, take your sunscreen and sunglasses, and appreciate the sunny climate of Batumi.

The water of the Back Sea in the Georgian side is not the cleanest but the beaches are mostly clean and it is possible to swim without any issues. During the high season, which is from May to September, the beaches are somewhat being cleaned whether by volunteers or resort hotels. 

If you haven't yet been to Batumi, you should add it to your destination list. With its broad choices of activities and well-known destinations, Batumi is an extraordinary city with pleasant seaside views. Enjoy Batumi by renting a car with Enterprise Georgia.


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Things to do in Batumi during summer

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