Rental Terms & Conditions

By signing the Rental Contract the Renter gives approval of the Conditions mentioned in the contract. However, the conditions of car hire and the Rental Contract are interrelated.

Driver's Required Qualification

Only drivers with minimum age of 21 have the right to rent a car. Also, they must have a one-year period driving license with no minimum than 1 year. For car rental the driver must bring the following documents: valid driving license, a valid passport and a credit card. 

International Driving License:

It is required that that driving license should be printed only on Latin letters. For those customers, who are US citizens, International Driving License is required. 

Authorized drivers of the vehicle

According to the Rental Contract, the Renter has the authority to drive Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicle only, the other drivers are additional drivers who must also have a valid driving license and valid passport. If you want to book a driver service, you should pay extra fee.

The Renter agrees that other drivers will not have the right to drive the vehicle if:

1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car does not empower him to drive the vehicle or is not recorded formally in the Rental Contract as an additional driver.
2. A person does not comply with the specified standards such as age of the driver, driving license validity or other minor standards.
3. A person is drunk, is not able to consciously perceive, is not in an alert cognitive state or is extremely tired.

If there are any damages, in that case the Renter takes the whole responsibility.

Responsibility for property

If the objects or other items of the Renter were lost or dropped in the hired car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car does not assume any kind of responsibility. The Renter should examine the inside of the car to ensure that nothing is left prior to giving the rental car back. 

Accidents, Theft, Vandalism and Damages

1. According to the Rental Agreement, in case of any incident, car accident, stolen items, the Renter has to report to the rental company without any delay.

2. If a car accident happens, the Renter must not take any responsibility and make any decision alone without Enterprise Rent-A-Car approval and participation of the police. The Renter must directly contact the rental company, road assistance and the insurance company. They will support you and give further directions. In case of any breach, the Renter takes the whole responsibility for any damage. 

3. In case of a car accident, theft or violence the Renter must fill in the documentation file required for the rental company with the presence of the police. The Renter must give a photocopy of the form that was completed at the time of car accident. The Renter takes the responsibility for the damage only when the necessary documents are absent.

4. The items belonging to the Vehicle (keys, remote control or formal documents) must be preserved. In case of loss or theft, they must be given back to the agents of Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

5. The collaboration of the Renter with Enterprise, the Police and the insurance company is very important. This, in its turn, will ease the process of examination of traffic/accident/loss/violence. If violating the regulations, you become accountable for finance and legal affairs. 

6. Sometimes it is very difficult for Enterprise agents to determine the damage or loss of the Vehicle because of many blockages, for instance, unfavorable weather conditions, time, darkness, etc. So, in case of identifying any damage or loss, Enterprise has a legal power to charge extra amount of money. 

Parking Charges and Traffic Tickets

A) According to the Rental Contract, the Renter assumes to be accountable for traffic and parking fines, law violations during the period of the rental contract.

B) In case of any traffic or parking fine during the period of the rental agreement, the Renter must provide Enterprise agents with the ticket with payment documentation attached.

C) If the Renter does not provide Enterprise with traffic ticket when returning the car, the Renter is obliged to give Enterprise the whole amount of the ticket, taxes and other managerial fees.

 D) The Renter may require copies of rental contract, police ticket and for the paid bills.

Personal Data

As stated in the Rental Agreement, the Renter agrees that the Enterprise might make use of his/her personal information for statistical analysis, credit card check and property security. In case of violations of the policies Enterprise has legal power to exchange the information officially. 

Validity of the conditions

A) Enterprise has the legal power to modify the Conditions without the agreement of the Renter and without any notification. 

B) If there are any disagreements between the Renter and Enterprise, the two parties can handle the conflict by negotiating. If the two parties cannot resolve the conflict, the conflict will be handled by the Republic of Georgia County Court as stated in the legislation of Tbilisi.

One-Way Rentals

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers both local and international car rentals. The international car hire is accessible between Georgia and Armenia.

If you want to take advantage of this service, you should submit the reservation 2 days earlier. Car rentals includes Meet and Greet Service. 

Driving Restrictions

When driving a car in Georgia it is considered to hold your cellphone or mobile device. It is unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, a drug, or any other substance which impairs his/her ability to safely do so.

Delivery and Collection of the rental vehicle

A) The vehicle is given to the Renter in good and clean condition with a full tank and all the required documents. 

B) According to the Rental Agreement, the Renter must return the rented car in the same condition as taken from Enterprise with the exact documentation and equipment. 

C) When Enterprise delivers the Vehicle, the Renter must check the condition of the Vehicle and approve of the conditions in the Rental Agreement. At the time of delivering the Renter and Enterprise sign and deliver to each other a Protocol of Delivery and Acceptance confirming the date and time of the delivery of the Vehicle from the Renter to Enterprise. The Renter must fulfill all the obligations under the Contract and is accountable for lost documents, equipment and safe driving.

D) As stated in the Rental Contract, the Renter has already agreed date in the contract and must give the Vehicle back in one of the Enterprise locations only during office hours. In case of any delays the Renter is obliged to take the responsibility of the Vehicle unless Enterprise representatives take back the belongings of the Vehicle and sign on the Delivery/Acceptance Protocol.

E) In case of any cancellations of the return of the rental car to the decided location at the agreed time (stated in the Rental Contract), the Renter has to pay extra fee after an hour's delay. Also, the Renter has to pay extra money for not returning the Vehicle to the previously agreed spot (Enterprise Rent-A-Car downtown location).

F) Not returning the Vehicle as clean as the rental agents can recognize any new damages may result in paying extra cleaning fee of 27 GEL (app. 10 USD)

If the Vehicle is returned with less tank, the Renter will be charged extra amount of money. The extra charge will cost 4 GEL (app. 1.5 USD) per liter.

The Renter may also want to book prepaid fuel service when picking up the Vehicle. Any gas left in the tank when you return the car is your loss. 

Please note that this is not a sale of fuel.