5 Reasons why you should Rent a Car in Georgia

Car rental in Georgia has significantly increased over the past years. With the tourist flow coming to this part of the world to see the picturesque tourist destinations, breathtaking high landscapes, ancient historical monuments, it is essential for visitors to see all the famous places. And what can be the best solution if not car rental? 

 Rent a Car in Georgia

With nowadays technology and up-to-date GPS, you can effortlessly drive through the country without worrying about getting lost. Apart from having modern technology with you, let's deep dive into this topic and see what are the most important reasons for you to rent a car while traveling to Georgia

Safety first 

At Enterprise Rent-A-Car Georgia, we always think about your safety first. Renting a car with us is a safe, secure, and most importantly well-maintained process. Our cars are regularly checked for maintenance, technical issues, and cleanliness for you to have the most pleasant journey in Georgia. All the vehicles in our fleet are perfectly furnished and equipped with all the essential tools.

You can be sure that you have all the necessary instruments in the truck of your car, including one of the most important things for traveling by car, a spare tire. And in case of requiring assistance, we are only one call away. Our phone number is available for you 24/7, and our specialists are always ready to help you no matter your location.

 Rent a Car in Georgia

 One of the important remarks that we mention in our contracts is that you will get a car replacement in case of any damage or accident during your trip. It helps you to continue your trip without any inconvenience. Different insurance packages will also help you to avoid any responsibility during an accident. You can choose the full package of car insurance, which will reduce your responsibility to the lowest percentage when the car gets damaged during the trip. 

Safety during Covid-19

With the Pandemic around the world, renting a car may be a great solution for your travel as you will minimize your interaction with others during the trip. Being in the car alone or just with your family or friends significantly reduces the risk of getting the Covid-19. With these risks in mind, we regularly sanitize all our vehicles before the pick-up of each customer. By following all the international security standards at our offices in Georgia, we are dedicated to maintaining reliable and safe conditions for our clients and employees. We need to minimize the chances of getting the virus during the Covid-19 Pandemic in any way we can.

See more of Georgia

Georgia is an open air museum with lots of different cultural sites, old castles and churches, museums and wineries. Breathtaking mountains and landscapes are following you almost everywhere you go. So when in Georgia, you may want to see more of it and unveil its beautiful and hidden corners for you. 

Strolling around in the capital of Georgia will be easy even if you plan to use public transport or taxis as the city is not very big and most sites and tourist attractions are located not very far from each other. However traveling to the regions of Georgia on the other hand might be a bit inconvenient, due to limited options of public transport and poor online booking options. When renting a car in Georgia, you give yourself freedom and comfort to plan your stay as you wish and even manage to visit hidden places and sites most tourists have not seen. With this option, you will have all the time you need for stops, short breaks, pleasant sightseeings and even unplanned overnight stays.  You can start your car rental in Tbilisi and enjoy your special vacation with peace of mind.

We are affordable 

You might think that car rentals are expensive in Georgia, but it is not the case with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. With us, you will save money while renting an excellent and well-equipped vehicle for your trip around Georgia. With our extensive fleet, you will have a chance to choose a car best suitable for your needs and budget. Car rentals with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Georgia start from as low as $20 daily fee, which includes local taxes, insurance services, and unlimited driving mileage. Online booking makes it even easier to check the total amount to be paid at the counter. Therefore, there are no hidden costs when you sign the contract.

 Rent a Car in Georgia

 Convenience is key

Our company helps you to book your car online in just a few minutes and pick it up from the location you prefer. When arriving at the airport, you can choose our Tbilisi International Airport branch for the pick-up, and your car will be waiting for you right upon your arrival. 

The pick-up from our downtown location in Tbilisi is available for all customers that are already in town. If requested in advance, you can also get your car delivered to your place and just start your rental right from your apartment or hotel. 

With our special feedback system, we carefully monitor what our clients say about us and strive to make it even more comfortable and easy for you to rent with us. Hence, when ordering the car, you will get a secured link, where you can upload the details of your passport and driving license. Our rental agents will prepare the contract beforehand, for you not to wait for the paperwork on your pick-up day. With this option, you can get your car within 10 minutes after visiting our office. 

Search for best available rates at www.enterprise.ge and let us make your trip to Georgia even better.


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5 Reasons why you should Rent a Car in Georgia

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