Five Reasons For Traveling to Georgia

If you want to find a marvelous place to spend your holiday, refresh your life and thoughts, start to pack your luggage. It's time for Georgia.  Here are things to know about Georgia country beforehand: 
• is a safe country
• is located in the South Caucasus 
• is a Christian country
• has a rich history and traditions

Why you should visit Georgia? 

Georgia is becoming more popular among tourists from all over the world. According to the Georgian National Statistics Office, more than 8 million international, non-resident travelers came to Georgia in 2018, 66.7% of international visitors were only tourists.

Do not miss your chance to discover another country that is rich in history and modern life, country of the sea and soaring mountains. Rent a car via and travel across Georgia. There is no region in Georgia that is not touristic, so there are plenty of reasons for traveling Georgia, but for the first time keep in mind these 5.  

Ancient country  

Probably, you want to visit a country that is not only picturesque but also has a rich history. You are in the right place. This country has a history of centuries. You can see centuries-old caves, monasteries, castles in Georgia. Tbilisi, Khevsureti, Tusheti, Svaneti, Mtskheta, Uplestsikhe, Vardzia, Sighnaghi, Davit Gareji— these are only a little part of must-see places in Georgia.


Foodies, come here, this is for you. Wine and gastronomic tours in Georgia are very popular. Georgian Cuisine is famous for its variety of dishes and especially spices. Georgian Cuisine offers delicious, natural, organic food. The country also has a rich wine history. Wine culture in Georgia is highly developed. Winemakers keep the wine in a huge clay container, which is called qvevri in Georgian. For certain time qvevris are buried in the ground. The flavor of Qvevri wine is something that makes it memorable.


Georgia is a country with many beautiful centuries-old traditions, holidays and architecture. It is also a country of Rustaveli and Pshavela, Pirosmani and Ilia Chavchavadze. Every corner of Georgia has its beauty, and the main beauty is people who created Georgian cultural heritage.

Georgian culture has some influence from Russia and Persia, but the country has kept its own culture and national identity. Georgia has sub ethnic groups, such as Svans, Megrelians, Khevsurians, Pshavians, Adjarians, Gurians, Tushs and etc. All these people have their own traditions, manners, dialects. They do make Georgia different and charming. Mountainous Svaneti, Khevsureti, Tusheti will prove that the magic exists. High towers, fortress-settlements are outstanding examples of Georgian vernacular architecture. 


The locals will make your holiday in Georgia something different. From the capital to the smallest villages you will feel what real hospitality is. Some people will suggest staying in their houses without paying money or will call you to have dinner with them. Accept the invitation and see what a Georgian supra (feast) is. It is delicious food, wine, and endless polyphonic songs, dances.  Be ready for too much hospitality in Georgia.

There was an interesting hospitality tradition in Georgia showing the worship of the guest. This was described by Vazha-Pshavela, Georgian poet, in his poem "Host and Guest". Even if your enemy is in your house you cannot kill him/her. The enemy is a guest and killing the guest at home is forbidden.


Georgia is a safe country. It is secure to travel across the country if you follow the instructions. Locals are tourist-friendly, there is no danger to walk late at night in the cities. Especially Tbilisi nights are warm, full of music and fun. 

So, start to pack your luggage and discover the unique heritage of Georgia. Renting a car on with Enterprise will make your trip easier and convertible. 

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Five Reasons For Traveling to Georgia

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