Must-Know traffic rules in Georgia

Georgia is an excellent destination for its culture, history, and cuisine. So if you planned to visit this beautiful country and want to get the most out of it, car rental can make your trip more memorable and enjoyable. Especially, when you are staying here long-term, renting a car can make your transportation around the capital and regions so much easier. Today’s article is about the must-know traffic rules in Georgia, common driving traditions among locals, and general tips for those who plan to move around Georgia by car

Must Known traffic rules in Georgia

Driving in Georgia: what should you know?

Georgian driving system is on the right-hand side. Having good road conditions in almost all places of Georgia, your rides by a comfortable car around Georgia will bring only pleasant impressions. And to help you in this amazing driving journey in Georgia, we have gathered the top five must-know driving rules and tips. By following these tips, you will certainly see how easily you get around the country with your car.

Speed limits

There are different speed limits in Georgia, depending on the roads you are driving.

In cities and villages - 60 km / h

Outside the settlements - 90 km / h

Highways - 110 km / h

The speeding penalty is one of the most common fines in Georgia. Nevertheless, you can exceed the limit for up to 15 km / h without being fined.

Parking in Tbilisi

Parking rules are standard policies in Georgia. The police do not fine for incorrect parking. In Georgia, a special parking service is responsible for parking, which has been created in each city. If you park the car without paying the parking fee you will get fined. If the car interferes with the entry it will be evacuated. You can check more information about parking rules and terms in Tbilisi on their official website.

Georgian roads

The road conditions in Georgia are regularly improving. There are a few rural and remote areas that need renovation, but overall the road situation is pretty good. Georgian highways and city roads are equipped with radars and sectional speed cameras. You may find yourself enjoying the speed when driving on a highway, but keep in mind that exceeding the speed limit can be crucial in some cases.

The most common traffic rules

  • When driving in Georgia, you should have your vehicle lights on at night, in tunnels, and in bad weather.
  • Fog lights should be turned on in poor visibility conditions or when driving on a narrow, winding road.
  • All front seat passengers must be wearing seat belts. Rear passengers - optional.
    You can talk on the phone in any way that does not involve the driver's hands (speakerphone, hands-free system).
  • The maximum alcohol content in the driver's blood is 0.3 ppm.
  • Children under 12 years old are transported exclusively in the rear seats. Children under three years old can be transported either in a child seat or on the lap of an adult strapped-up passenger (16 years and older) in the rear seat.
  • It is forbidden to leave a child under six years of age in a parked car unattended.

The most common fines in Georgia

  • Speeding - when you exceed the set speed anywhere in the country and get caught by the speed camera radars, you will pay a fine based on the exceeded speed.
  • Driving with the lights off - starting from twilight, the car lights should be on. In case of driving the car with the lights off, you can be fined.
  • Unfastened belt - all front-seat passengers should have their belts fastened.
  • Talking on a mobile while driving a car without the "Handsfree" system - If you are not using your hands while talking on the phone, you will not be fined.
  • Drunk driving - one of the serious fines in the country. Depending on the % of alcohol in your blood, you will either be fined or lose your driving license for up to 6 months
  • Violation of the rules for transporting children - if you do not follow the children's transportation rules, you will be fined by the police officers.

Driving in a new country is always a bit of a challenge. Make sure you are well informed about the traffic regulations but also the general style and common rules of driving and stay safe on the beautiful roads of Georgia. 


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Must-Know traffic rules in Georgia

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