Benefit from Operational Leasing with Enterprise

Nowadays operational car leasing is gaining popularity among both private individuals, companies and corporate clients. However, this kind of leasing is mostly well-suited for companies and organizations. In an operational leasing transaction, the customer receives from the leasing company vehicles of their choice for a predesignated period (2-5 years), during which the customer pays a fixed monthly amount agreed upon in advance.

During the leasing period the vehicle belongs to the leasing company (Enterprise Rent-A-Car Georgia) and is registered in its name. Also, all of the vehicle's maintenance charges, vehicle services and licensing are at the expense of the leasing company and are its responsibility.    

Enterprise Leasing provides the guarantee of fixed budgeting in the area of vehicle finance. It is an ideal option for companies seeking to minimize the financial burden of running their vehicle fleet and concentrate their resources on core business activities. Because with us, you will always have peace of mind. In choosing from our wide variety of car rental packages, you simply drive the car and we take care of everything else. 

Discover the benefits of operational leasing with Enterprise:

  • Potential tax benefits
  • Off-balance sheet financing
  • Full technical support
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Optimization of expenses- fixed monthly lease payments
  • Road assistance availability 24/7
  • More time and fewer concerns
  • Car Insurance 
  • Avoidance of maintenance costs (vehicle repair and treatments)
  • Cash flow stabilization 
  • Quality assets
  • Great choice of car brands and models
  • Cancellation of contract and car return alternative

Convinced that the advantages of operating lease will benefit your business? The leasing process is quick and easy. Complete our request form below to get in touch with our specialists.