How to rent a car at Enterprise Rent-A-Car Georgia

Renting a Car at Enterprise Rent-A-Car Georgia: Step-by-Step Guide

Traveling has become an unconditional part of our lives. Many travelers prefer to stay independent and control their timing when on vacation, thus car rental services have become a common way to explore the country or city you travel to. However, its process may differ depending on the country you are traveling to. And even when you decide to rent a car with an international brand, like ours, you might still need help or tips. In this article, we will guide you through the rental process at Enterprise Rent-A-Car Georgia to make it easy and comfortable for you.


Online car rental booking with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Georgia

Renting a car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car is very easy. All you need is to follow a few instructions through our website, and you will rent your car in no time.

  1. First things first, visit our website and fill in the required information on the main page. Make sure to provide accurate information to have the appropriate results. The details you will need to fill in are:

    ✔  Location to pick up your car: Choose among available Enterprise locations in Georgia. Currently, you can pick up your car from Tbilisi International Airport or Tbilisi city.

    ✔  Click on “Return to a different location” and enter the details of the drop-off location in case you are going to leave the car in another place. One-way car rentals are available between Georgia and Armenia locations too.

    ✔  Enter the pick-up date and time

    ✔  Enter the drop off date and time

    ✔  Choose your age

  2. As a second step, you will find all the available cars at your chosen location and the dates you input. You may notice that our prices are being changed dynamically in case you revisit our website in the next hour or day. You can then choose the category of the car that fits your needs. Keep in mind that you book the category of the car and not the exact model. You may still get the same car model you booked or any similar car from our fleet. Sometimes you may even get a free upgrade in case we don't have the reserved category type available. But it is not guaranteed in advance. You can also ask for an upgrade at the counter and see what options of upgrades are available at the moment and at what rates.

  3. With the next step, you can choose any additional services or equipment you need with your rental such as Insurance packages, GPS, portable Wi-Fi, car seat, etc. It is important to note that you already have an insurance package (Pack 1) included in your contract at no additional charge. However, the Pack 1 insurance means certain responsibility for you in case of any accidents. You can find more information about the excess fees when clicking the “View Policies” section shown at the top right corner of our website.
    In this step, you can choose to add additional insurance packages to your contract reducing your liability in case of any accidents. You have an option to reduce it up to 0 if you choose to add the “Super Collision Damage Waiver Plus” option to your rental. You will have an option to add any additional insurance also at our offices while picking up the car if you have not added it on the website.
  4. Now you have come to the last step, which is where you fill in your contact details and other information such as flight information. Before submitting the rental, carefully read the booking details, and if everything is accurate, finish your booking process by clicking “Reserve now.”

We do not require advance payment, so you can make the payment before picking up your car at the counter. As soon as you finish the reservation process, you will get a booking confirmation in your email. To reduce the time you spend at the counter waiting for your contract to be ready, you will receive another email with a special safe link where you can upload your personal documents such as your Passport and Driving License. It will give us a chance to prepare your rental agreement beforehand and provide expedited service for you.

Please prepare all the necessary documents with you beforehand, to avoid any unpleasant surprises at the counter. You need to have a valid Passport and a driving license issued not earlier than 1 year ago from the date you start the rental. For more information, please visit our Rental Terms and Conditions and FAQ pages.

As soon as you complete your online booking and receive a confirmation email, you can be sure that the car is ready for you. However, should anything change in your plans, you can always modify your booking by clicking on “Modify the reservation” from the confirmation email. Our customer service is always happy to help if you have any additional questions. You can call or email us if you need any help.


Rent a car in Tbilisi with Enterprise and make your trip more comfortable and safe.

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How to rent a car at Enterprise Rent-A-Car Georgia

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