Georgian Cuisine

What is the traditional food in Georgia? What kind of food is Georgia famous for? What foods do Georgians eat? These are main questions asked by the tourists about Georgian cuisine. So let’s dive in and explore this tasty topic.

Georgia is a beautiful country located in the Caucasus region. Like any other Caucasian country, food plays a significant role in Georgian culture and is a reflection of their own history. So the best and the most pleasant way of getting acquainted with Georgia is experiencing their delicious, yet very affordable food.  Here are the top popular and scrumptious Georgian meals you absolutely have to try!

Georgian Cuisine


Georgians, similarly to other Caucasian nations, serve almost every item of food with their traditional Georgian bread, in this case Puri. What makes Puri so different from other types of bread is the baking process. They are usually made in special ovens called tones, which are made of clay and visually resemble the upper half of a clay pot.  A fire from bottom heats up the sides of the oven. The bread dough is partitioned and flattened onto the side walls of the oven baking into a brown and bubbly bread.


This is arguably the most famous traditional Georgian food. It can be described as somewhat of a cheese pie or cheese bread. The most common types of khachapuri in Georgia are the followings:

  • Imeruli khachapuri - in circular shape, stuffed with cheese.
  • Megruli khachapuri resembles a cheese pizza; however, this meal has butter as well as cheese inside and out.
  • Acharuli khachapuri – is made in a shape of boat, stuffed with melted cheese, egg, and a bit butter. It should be served very hot, so that you can mix the cheese, the egg, and butter before eating. Usually, people pinch the side-edges with hands and dip them into the cheese mixture, which makes them juicy and tasty.


Khinkalis are Georgian variation of soup dumplings. They are made of twisted dough, filled with meat and spices. These cheap and delicious dumplings are usually very juicy and flavorful. 

In addition, they are very fun to eat. They’re designed to be eaten by hand: Hold each dumpling aloft by the knob, sprinkle it with black pepper, and take a small bite from the side of the cushiony top, sucking out the hot broth before chewing your way into the filling.


As we see, Georgian people love cheese, so there’s no surprise that they made a cheese of their own. Sulguni seems to resemble an interesting mix between mozzarella and string cheese and often serves as a main ingredient in khachapuri. It tastes a bit more salty than a regular mozzarella but still has a very gentle flavour.


Another thing that Georgia is famous for is the mineral water “Borjomi”. Bottled Borjomi is found everywhere in the country and you can visit Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park to drink the water right from the sparkling fountain. Borjomi is especially popular in Russia and many Russian tourists visit Georgia because of it...


Limonati is a special type of lemonade and is undoubtedly the most popular non-alcoholic drink in the country. There are plenty of very interesting flavors of limonati but the most common ones are tarragon, peach, pomegranate and vanilla. It is said that limonatis are one of the best lemonades in the world.

Qvevri Wine

Qvevri Wine

Qvevri wine is very special because of its preparation process, that’s why it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Georgians have been producing wine in qvevris; big clay containers that are buried in the soil. Grapes are pressed and the juice with skins and stems pours into the jars where it ferments. The colors of the Georgian wine are very deep and vibrant. The white wine has a deep amber-like yellow color, whereas the red wine is very dark, that’s why it is often called black wine.

So, if you are planning a trip to Georgia, make you sure to try amazing Georgian wine and the delicious local food, which are relatively inexpensive.  Enjoy Georgia with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

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Georgian Cuisine

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