Georgia as a Homeland of Winemaking

The Georgian wine history, according to some archaeologists, is about 8000 years old and the traditional way of winemaking called “kvervi” is even added by UNESCO in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Nowadays, numerous wineries and vineyards in Georgia are available in Georgia.

For the Georgians, wine is not just a drink. It is a great part of Georgian culture, national identity and heritage. So it is impossible to fully experience Georgian culture without tasting traditional Georgian wine.

Here is a helpful guide on how to find the best wines in Georgia in the top wineries and the best vineyards in Georgia.


Georgian Wineries Worth Visiting

Overall, there are 6 regions in Georgia famous for wine production: Kakheti, Imereti, Kartli, Racha, Maskheti  and the Black Sea Coastal Zone. Kakheti and Kartli are are easily accessible being located in close proximity to Tbilisi. Around 70% of wine in Georgia is produced in Kakheti region. The best wineries that provide wine tours and tastings in this region are:

Shumi Winery

1. This winery offers generous wine tasting and free tours, including 4 wines and a chacha. It’s a wonderful vineyard with a very informative and interesting museum.

Schuchmann Wines Chateau

2. This is a stunning chateau that provides the visitors with tastings, prices starting from 15GEL (5.2 USD) for 3 wines.  The winery also offers a free tasting and winery tours accompanied by a skilled staff to answer any questions. 

Pheasant’s Tears

3. Pheasant’s Tears - offering some of the region’s best wine in a wonderful restaurant. Compared to other wineries and vineyards in the region, Pheasant’s Tears is a bit pricier, but worth the expense.


The Best Wines in Georgia


1. Tsinandali - by far one of the most popular wines in Georgia. Tsinandali is a dry white wine and has a floral aroma. It tastes like a delicious mixture of citrus and tropical flowers with peachy aftertaste. This wine is produced in Kakheti area.


2. Akhasheni -  made with Saperavi grapes, it’s a great semi-sweet red wine, having sweet and velvety taste and an aroma of black plums and cherries. When paired with ripe fruit and different deserts, this original wine offers other colors to its unique taste. 


3. Kindzmarauli - a semi-sweet red wine with an interesting transparent red colour. Kindzmarauli is by far one of the most famous wines of Kakheti. It has a distinct taste of fruits and berries and overall tastes very “balanced” and piquet. 

Getting to the wineries

Although top wineries and vineyards in Georgia provide a fascinating, informative and overall a great experience, getting to them might be tricky, since most of the wineries are located far from the city. You can get there by taxi, but it may be costly.

Instead, you can rent a car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Georgia with special rates and enjoy exploring Georgia, making stops whenever and wherever you want.


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Georgia as a Homeland of Winemaking

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