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Tbilisi is the city of old houses with beautiful roofs and colorful balconies. It is a city, where historic and modern architecture come together.  It used to be the cultural center of the Caucasus. Many writers, poets, artists loved to live and create in Tbilisi. 


The Legend of Tbilisi

The legend reads that the king of ancient Iberia, Vakhtang I Gorgasali, once hunted in the forests near the first capital of Georgia – Mtskheta. He shot the pheasant and sent his falcon to find the prey. After a while, the king and other hunters started to search the birds. They came upon a spring that is turned to be hot. The king decided to found there a city, as the location was perfect. "Tbili" in Georgian means warm.

So, Tbilisi is a city of warm sources. Now, these sulfur springs are available for everyone. You can find them in the old part of the city. Many bathhouses provide private rooms, so you can enjoy your time following instructions. Sulfur bath is one of the interesting and attractive places to visit in Tbilisi.


Here are some of the interesting places in Tbilisi to include in your itinerary.

  1. Start to explore the city visiting the old part, which is the charm and the spirit of the city. Tourists and locals also love to walk around the narrow streets, drink wine in cafes or taste Georgian dishes in restaurants. During your walk, do not miss Clock tower, Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater, Metekhi Cathedral.
  2. Just next to the old city, on the hill you will see Narikala Fortress and its botanical garden behind. You can take a cable car to the fortress or just talk a walk. The city view from the walls of the fortress is fantastic, especially at night. 
  3. The botanical garden is a beautiful and quiet place for passive rest. There you can enjoy the fresh air, nice views, a waterfall. 
  4.  The funicular is an attractive way to get up Mount Mtatsminda and enjoy the views of the historical city.  There is a big amusement park, where you can try the roller coaster and of course, the Ferris wheel.
  5.  Sameba Cathedral is the biggest cathedral in Georgia. During religious holidays you can see there Ilia II, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia. 
  6. Rike Park and Peace Bridge are modern architectural additions to the city. The bridge is a glass-and-steel structure. 
  7. Here you need to have a car that you can rent via Enterprise.ge and drive to the Open Air Museum of Ethnography. It is located in Tbilisi's Vake district, not far from "Turtle Lake". This place is beautiful, especially in spring and summer. It allows you to get acquainted with all regions at once. For the next, you can visit Stalin's Underground Printing House, if you are interested in the Soviet period. Do not miss Georgian national museum. Every room of the museum will tell you remarkable facts on Georgian rich history.
  8. Walk in Agmashenebeli and Rustaveli avenues, discover other beautiful places in Tbilisi. 
  9. Tbilisi sea, in reality, is an artificial lake, officially known as Tbilisi Reservoir. This is Tbilisi's one of the most popular destinations for hot summer. Not far from the city you have an opportunity to swim and get some sunbath. You can get there in your own car. 
  10. Tbilisi is a multi-ethnic city. You can discover Avlabari, visit Armenian Echmiadzin and Surb Gevorg churches, Jumah Mosque, Great Synagogue of Tbilisi. 

Tbilisi has a magical spirit, once you fall in love with it, you will come back again to refresh your memories and experience the best views of Tbilisi. So, don’t waste your time and start planning your trip in Tbilisi by hiring a car with Enterprise

Our friendly staff will be glad to assist on your journey, giving recommendations on the best places to visit, as well as providing the right car for your trip.

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Explore Tbilisi

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