Mtskheta - Old Capital of Georgia

Mtskheta is one of the ancient cities in Georgia. It was the former capital of the early Georgian Kingdom of Iberia. Located not far from Tbilisi, Mtskheta is one of the favorite destinations of many tourists. If you want to explore this old city and surroundings rent a car via Enterprise Rent-A-Car and spend a whole day in Mtskheta. You can get there driving on a Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze highway. The road condition is quite perfect. The weather in Mtskheta is quite different. The summers are warm and winters are cold enough and partly cloudy.

Before you start your one-day trip to Mtskheta check our tips, they will be helpful to organize your day there. Here are things to do in Mtskheta: 

Visit Jvari Monastery 

"Once, not so many years ago,

where soundingly together flow

Aragva and Kura— the place

where, like two sisters, they embrace—

there stood a monastery"

This is a part of the "The Novice" poem written by famous Russian poet Mikheil Lermontov. This part shows the place where the Jvary Monastery is located. Look around the church and do not miss the place you can see Kura and Aragvi rivers' meeting as well the entire city of Mtskheta. Jvary is a 6th-century monastery in the shape of a cross. The monastery is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. 

Explore Svetitskhoveli Cathedral 

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is the second-largest cathedral in Georgia. Every year on the 14th of October Orthodox Christians in Georgia are celebrating Mtskhetoba-Svetitskhovloba, a celebration of Georgia’s ancient capital city and its legendary cathedral. The temple is listed on UNESCO World Heritage due to its glorious architecture.  

See Samtavisi Cathedral

Samtavisi is the 11th-century cathedral. According to UNESCO, it is remarkable due to the beautiful proportions and refinement of carving on the facades. Samtavisi has been damaged by earthquakes and has been repaired repeatedly. The only part of the cathedral that has not been redone is the eastern wall. 

Walk around Mtskheta

To explore the unique atmosphere of the city just walk. You will find beautiful houses, colorful balconies, interesting shops, restaurants, and cafes. Talking with locals is a way of really getting to know new places, new cultures. The old generation will speak to you in Russian, young people often know English. Georgians are very hospitable, do not be surprised when they suggest you a glass of wine or churchkhela or even invite for dinner.  

Explore  Bebris Tsikhe

Bebris tsikhe is just only a 5-7 minute drive from the town. Drive to the castle and then do some easy hiking to the castle. Unfortunately, most of the parts are damaged, but it still looks beautiful and has a pleasant panorama to view.  

Enjoy your evening in the Chamber of Wine or Gvinis Palata

Plan your day so that you can spend at least 2 hours in Gvinis Palata. This is one of the interesting places to visit in Mtskheta, where you can taste Georgian different wines, learn their history, follow how locals make Georgian bread- Shotis Puri. So, it is time to have a rest and enjoy delicious cuisine

Georgia's former capital is one of the favorite destinations of many tourists. Around the year you can explore Mtskheta, visit Jvari Monastery, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and other places in the vicinity. Rent a comfy car with Enterprise Rent-A-Car Georgia and have a memorable trip to Mtskheta. 


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Mtskheta - Old Capital of Georgia

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