Explore Kazbegi region in Georgia

Have you ever wondered to be in two continents at the same time? In Georgia, there is a district in far north that is located from one side in Europe and from another - in Asia. This district is Kazbegi region named after majestic Mount Kazbek with the center of Stepantsminda. Kazbegi is known for its stunning panoramas, charming people amazing tourist attractions. 


Kazbegi National Park

One of the top places to visit in Kazbegi district is Kazbegi National Park. Located 150km (93ml) north from Tbilisi, Kazbegi National Park is one of the tourist favorite checkpoints even without much tourism infrastructure.

Meanwhile here you will find one of the most sumptuous panoramic views in the world. The Alpine meadows greens and mountains crowned with snow will be just like a blessing for your eyes. Kazbegi National Park offers various hiking, trekking and mountain climbing destinations for visitors which include different historical and cultural sites on their way, such as Gergeti Trinity Church standing humble in front of the breathtaking Mount Kazbek, which is the 3rd highest mountain in Georgia with 5054m height, 14th century Sameba temple, the Sioni basilica and others. 

Hiking in Kazbegi

There are several activities that all active rest lovers can be part of. As mentioned above, you can hike to Gergeti Trinity Church (14th century) and Gergeti Glacier. Gergeti Trinity Church was one of the tourists’ favorite sites, even during the Soviet Era. The outstanding landscape of Gergeti Glacier will take your heart away. Tourist usually want to be part of trekking to Gergeti Glacier, which grants with breathaking views and beautiful nature. However, the trekking difficulty is above-average. 


Truso and Juto Valleys

Though the distance between these two valleys is too close to each other, Truso and Juto are very different. Truso is more wild with typical Georgian tower villages, while Juto is more soft, calm and green valley with almost no villages. These two locations are perfect checkpoints for those who love nature and hiking. Juto Valley has the direct route to Roshka, a very famous trek among tourists, which takes them from Juto Valley right to the other side of the mountain chains. Here you can also try mountain horseback riding.

Kazbegi district is well-known for its most attractive and breathtaking surroundings. It is a perfect site for hiking and trekking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, mountain bike riding and so on. If you are an active rest lover then pick up your suitcase and head out from Tbilisi right to Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, where Kazbegi district is located. 

If you are planning to explore the area by car, then you should consider to have an SUV as not all areas are accessible by a regular car. Check out the available SUV options at Enterprise Georgia at www.enterprise.ge and enjoy your adventurous trip to beautiful Kazbegi.

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Explore Kazbegi region in Georgia

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