Enterprise Rent-A-Car Success Story

Enterprise Rent-A-Car's story is very inspiring, especially if want to know how to have a successful business for a long term. No one could imagine that the name of an aircraft carrier and, of course, huge efforts of Jack Taylor will create a world-leading car rental company.

Taylor founded Enterprise Rent A Car in 1957 with only 7 cars. He named his "child" after the aircraft carrier he served on during World War II. He took a simple idea and established a successful company with that has the green and white “e” logo.

At the beginning, the company offered only on long-term leasing, however Taylor recognized the potential for car rentals, hence Enterprise entered into the rental industry in 1962. At the beginning, the short-term rental business was rather challenging, than profitable. Throughout many difficulties years, the company started to show profit. And its milestone came in 1996 when Enterprise surpassed one of the major competitors in the United States in terms of fleet size and number of stations in various locations.

Jack Taylor led the company until 1991, then his son Andrew Taylor took over as chief executive officer. He continues his family business, honors his father's vision every day as they celebrate the values he nurtured in the company. Company's success depends on customer satisfaction and employee motivation.

Today, Enterprise is the largest company that provides complete transportation solutions. The company is represented in 85 countries with more than 7,600 locations, operating the largest fleet of vehicles worldwide. It has 1.7 million cars and trucks under the umbrella of 3 famous brands: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental.

The globally recognized brand has its offices in Georgia and Armenia as well. Rent a car with Enterprise and drive across the country. You can also request a chauffeur service who will be guide on your itinerary and will let you have a relaxed journey.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Success Story

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