Discover the Transcaucasian Trail

The Transcaucasian Trail has become more and more popular among professional hikers and trekkers. The outline of the trail includes a hiking route stretching around 3000 km of trails combining Europe and Asia. It will involve about 20 National Parks and a wide range of Unesco Heritage sites. It will also include the area of the Southern Caucasus: Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Although the entire map of the trail is not yet fully developed, you can enjoy the already formed trails in Georgia and Armenia. Today we are specifically going to talk about the Georgian part of the Transcaucasian Trail, its destinations, significance, and technical details of the hike. 


Transcaucasian Trail: Georgia

The Georgian part of the Transcaucasian Trail is a route with extraordinary, remote, and picturesque places. Your destination in this country will be the Upper Svaneti region. This region is famous for its high mountains, refreshing glaciers, and astounding sceneries. The panoramas of the Caucasus mountains opening from here will amaze you with their majesty and power. Another exciting destination here will be Ushguli village, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is where you will have a chance to admire the view of the highest mountain of Georgian Shkhara at 5200 meters. 

Mestia is another famous destination for trekkers that is also included in the Transcaucasian Trail. Your trekking here will take you to the breathtaking glaciers of Ushba. You can also have horseback riding here and admire the alpine meadows of the Upper Svaneti region. 

Technical details of the Trekkings along the Transcaucasian Trail of Georgia

Planning a trip to the Transcaucasian Trail of Georgia is an exciting and promising arrangement. So make sure you are working with the professionals, as the routes will take you to the most remote parts of Georgia. Consider that you will have camping overnights at many places, as not all infrastructures are fully developed in those areas, and that is another thing that attracts hikers from all over the world. The feeling of freedom and fresh mountainous air.

When choosing this destination, be prepared for daily long treks and high elevation gains, but the final points you reach will be worth the time and fatigue. As soon as you see the beautiful landscapes, you will forget about anything and would not want to leave those divine sites. Along the routes, you will visit many UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Mestia town. 

The Transcaucasian Trail is something all professional hikers should add to their destination list. And if you want to prolong your trip along the trail, you can also include Armenia in your trip. The two countries have an open land border together, making your travel easier and more convenient. During your entire trip to the Transcaucasian Trail, you will be amazed at how beautiful mother nature is and how amazingly stunning these places are. Some of the destinations, such as Ushguli, will leave you speechless with its grace. This UNESCO site is one of the hidden treasures of Georgia which you can explore during your trip. 

The Transcaucasian Trail is a must-visit destination for those who want to explore the deepest sites of the Caucasus region. 

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Discover the Transcaucasian Trail

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