5 things to do for adventure lovers in Georgia

Adventure travel in Georgia is one of the most dynamically developing areas of tourism. The varied terrain and climatic conditions create excellent conditions for a wide variety of outdoor activities.

In spring, summer, and autumn, such destinations as mountain hiking and trekking, jeep tours, bike tours, paragliding, rafting, horseback riding, and much more are possible. Ski holidays are popular in Georgia in winter.

Below you will find the top five activities for adventure lovers in Georgia. 


Paragliding flights in Gudauri

Gudauri is a resort-town in Georgia, well-known for its winter activities like skiing. But it is not the only type of active leisure that can be arranged in Gudauri. During summer and spring, you can also have a paragliding flight in Gudauri. The tandem flight with an instructor will allow you to take a bird's eye view of the mountains and gorges of Georgia.

Gorgeous mountains, incredible nature, and landscapes are all you need to be happy during your paragliding flight with an instructor. The weather in Gudauri is generally stable and conducive to safe flights all day long.

Prices usually start at $ 120-150 for a 15-minute flight. In most cases, this is enough to get to know the paraglider and experience unforgettable emotions. The price of the flight includes the pick up from the hotel in Gudauri, flight with an instructor, and drop you off at the hotel after it. 

You can also rent a Go-Pro to take unforgettable shots during your flight. 

Paragliding flights in Gudauri

Mountain Biking in Juta

The mountains always draw attention and build a unique feeling for adventure lovers. The majestic tranquility in the mountain gives you peace of mind and lets you breathe the fresh air. When visiting Juta, adventure lovers can admire the views of mountains, rivers, and waterfalls with a mountain biking experience. However, it is necessary to have an instructor with you since the level of the route of this area is difficult. The length of the trail along Juta gorge is 20 km, and it takes around 5 hours. The highest altitude you will have to ride is 1300 m. 

The prices of this activity vary depending on the instructor you choose. 


Horseback riding in Tusheti

Horseback riding is another excellent choice for those who love adventures. The beautiful mountains allow anyone who loves to ride a horse, enjoy not only the views but also the horseback riding. The most amazing place to have this experience is one of the most remote places in Georgia, Tusheti. However, you should consider a few days to have this outstanding trip. Besides horseback riding, you will also have a chance to have off-road drives in a 4x4 car and trekking in the mountains of Tusheti. These amazing couple of days will help you get away from civilization and enjoy the breathtaking views. 


Jeep tour 

Off-road trips are yet another suitable option for nature and adventure lovers. With Jeep tours in Georgia, you will have the ultimate adventures and unforgettable experiences. This type of adventure travel allows you to discover the legends, history, wildlife, and geology of Georgia, combining the extreme off-road experience. You can go around all the sights and observation decks, including Kazbegi. It is, however, important to have an experienced driver with you as off-road drives might be, sometimes dangerous, and only professionals can take you to the destinations safely. 

Jeep tour in Georgia


Rafting in Aragvi 

Georgia is famous for its mountain rivers, most of which are suitable for rafting. You can easily have a rafting experience in a day. The best season for rafting in Georgia starts in April and ends in October. However, before traveling, it is worth checking the condition of the river, because heavy rains or, conversely, dry weather can turn the river into an impassable obstacle.

If you like active leisure, you should definitely try rafting. Experienced instructors will teach you all the essential information for you to be able to raft in the rivers of Georgia. 

One of the most famous rivers to raft is Aragvi, as the best raft bases are located there. The classic rafting route takes about 2-3 hours, letting you enjoy your adventure in a day. The prices of rafting may vary from $20-$70 per person in a raft boat, which accommodates 4-8 people.

There are so many other adventure activities you can do in Georgia. This country gives all the essential opportunities to enjoy your active leisure, either close to the capital or in its remote areas. No matter the season, you can always find an adventurous activity to experience here. 

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5 things to do for adventure lovers in Georgia

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